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We are Cody Hunter and Tiffany Ryan

Husband and wife  
Parents to 2 littles
Crazy foodies
 Obsessive Starbucks americano drinkers
Adventurers who love travel
Fine art luxury wedding photographers

We're originally from Colorado and now based in sunny southwest Florida and photographing love stories is our favorite thing to do – so we may as well tell you ours…

(From Tiff) We met in January of 2005 at a going away party for a friend we each knew. Apparently we had both run in the same circle of friends for well over a year and had never met until that night. Cody wasted no time and asked me on a coffee date for that coming Sunday and we met at  “Pikes Perk,” a coffeehouse in Colorado Springs (where Cody also eventually proposed to me), and ended up talking til the wee hours of the morning. So 5&1/2  months after that night we were engaged, and 5&1/2 months later we were married. Yes, if you do the math – our 1 year anniversary of knowing one another we were already married 1 month! Here we are 12 years later – still best friends and doing what we love, which is photographing love. We love love.  Cody is our main photographer and I'm the business side of things - and it makes for the perfect combo!!  So feel free to poke around our site, drop us an email and tell us your story!  Can't wait to hear from you!

Cody and Tiff